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When life gets hectic, remember that eating well can give you more energy, reduce stress and improve your immune system. Eating well can also decrease your chance of developing heart attack, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases, as well as lower your blood pressure and help prevent some types of cancer. Make healthy choices for you and your family — one meal at time.

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Timesaving tips for cooking healthy meals

If cooking a healthy meal at home seems like a reach, one approach can make it a reality. That's weekly meal planning. Yes, there's work upfront, but it saves time on the busy weeknights. Learn how.

Kristi Wempen RDN By Kristi Wempen May 1, 2024

Deciphering your eating plan FAQ: How a registered dietitian nutritionist can help

Medical conditions, weight-loss goals, athletic performance and more can have you puzzled about what eating plan best fits you. A registered dietitian nutritionist can help you solve the puzzle.

Jamie Pronschinske, RDN, CD By Jamie Pronschinske April 23, 2024

Charcuterie boards: Popular and pretty for party food ― but are they safe?

Social media is awash with images of intricately arranged platters of party tidbits also known as charcuterie boards. When creating one, be sure you're serving up safety along with the snacks.

Jamie Pronschinske, RDN, CD By Jamie Pronschinske March 14, 2024

Calcium intake and absorption: Are you getting enough?

Did you know calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body? It makes up about 2% of your weight and is necessary for strong bones. Find out if your daily calcium intake hits the recommended level.

February 29, 2024

Dried beans: Rock stars of healthy meals

Looking to cook up something delicious and heart-healthy that doesn't break your food budget? You may already have the solution – beans – in your pantry. Learn about these meal-time rock stars.

Jamie Pronschinske, RDN, CD By Jamie Pronschinske February 14, 2024

More than stress: What you eat affects your blood pressure

Stress can increase your blood pressure, but so can what you eat. This eating plan can reduce or control blood pressure while reducing risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Jamie Pronschinske, RDN, CD By Jamie Pronschinske February 5, 2024

Game day grub: Tips for winning with party food choices

Game day sports parties are associated with food, friends and fun. Get tips to score big at your next party with a winning lineup of nutritious and delicious food options for your guests.

Kristi Wempen RDN By Kristi Wempen February 2, 2024

Fast facts on fats and heart health

Some fats are healthier for your heart than others. But how can you tell? Learn about each of the main types of fats, which to keep on hand and which ones you should try to avoid.

Jamie Pronschinske, RDN, CD By Jamie Pronschinske January 29, 2024

Are you mindlessly munching or sensibly snacking?

Smart snacking plays a role in your energy level, daily nutrients and weight management. Get expert tips to plan your snacks, evaluate hunger cues and make every nutrient-dense bite count.

Allyn Wergin RDN By Allyn Wergin January 17, 2024

Caffeine consumption: How much is too much, hidden sources

From beverages to food and medication, you may consume caffeine to help you concentrate or be alert. Learn how much is too much when it comes to caffeine and the hidden sources you may not know about.

Brian Burroughs PAJPG By Brian Burroughs January 12, 2024

Freezing preserves food freshness, flavor

From reducing food waste to stretching your food budget, freezing foods at home is an easy, convenient way to preserve freshness and flavors. Check out these tips for best results.

Jamie Pronschinske, RDN, CD By Jamie Pronschinske January 10, 2024

Boost vitamin C with in-season citrus

Not only do the sunny colors and flavors of citrus fruits brighten meals, the vitamin C these foods contain is vital to your health. Learn more how easy it is to add to your diet.

Amanda Halls, R.D.N., L.D. By Amanda Halls January 3, 2024