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What’s Happening in the Community

Answers to 3 common questions about measles

Measles was declared eliminated from the U.S., but cases are returning. Get answers to common questions about measles, and read why vaccination is the best defense against the spread of the virus.

Sarah Scherger MD By Sarah Scherger May 17, 2024

6 ways to manage high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be dangerous when there aren't symptoms indicating a problem. Learn why your blood pressure matters and the risk factors you can change in your lifestyle.

Philip van Huigenbos, D.O. By Philip van Huigenbos May 14, 2024

Could you benefit from a sports medicine consult? Check out these top 5 FAQ

Whether you're an athlete, have a physically demanding job or just want to remain as active as possible, learn how a sports medicine professional can help you reach your goals.

Robert Freed, D.O. By Robert Freed May 13, 2024

Clinic staff's response gives waiting room crisis a happy ending

While waiting for her husband at their clinic, Colleen Lundequam had no warning before she went into cardiac arrest. Quick action by the clinic's team made all the difference in her good-news recovery.

May 8, 2024

Taming ticks: Tips to avoid or remove a tick

While you're enjoying the outdoors, ticks are looking for a ride — and a meal. Ticks survive on blood from humans and animals, and can transmit disease. Learn how to tame these unwelcome hitchhikers.

Katie Clubb MD By Katie Clubb May 6, 2024

Young people wearing earbuds or headphones? Listen up

Noise-induced hearing loss, even from earbuds and headphones, can be permanent. That's why it's important to teach young people safe listening habits and how to protect their hearing.

Katie Dease, Au.D. By Katie Dease May 3, 2024

Timesaving tips for cooking healthy meals

If cooking a healthy meal at home seems like a reach, one approach can make it a reality. That's weekly meal planning. Yes, there's work upfront, but it saves time on the busy weeknights. Learn how.

Kristi Wempen RDN By Kristi Wempen May 1, 2024

Understanding autism: The path to diagnosis, awareness and support

Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder can be challenging because of the distinctive pattern of symptoms. Learn about evolving awareness and treatments for neurodivergent conditions.

Janice Schreier MSW By Janice Schreier April 24, 2024