Learn ways to get and stay physically fit

Physical activity helps improve your cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and strengthens bones and muscles, prevents heart disease and gives you more energy. Being active and moving more is also good for your mental health and an important way for you and your family to have some fun and connect with others, too. Remember to increase your activity level gradually and check with your provider if you have any health concerns.

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Exercise conundrum: When's the best time to work out?

Morning, midday or evening — which time of day will give the biggest boost to your workout? Learn about the benefits of each and which is best for you.

Andrew Jagim PhD By Andrew Jagim June 12, 2024
Jacob Erickson DO By Jacob Erickson June 12, 2024
Alecia Gende DO By Alecia Gende June 12, 2024

Maximize your running potential with cross-training

Preparing for race day requires logging lots of miles, but cross-training can help reduce injuries, build strength and enhance your performance. Learn how to work it into your training program.

Joel Luedke, L.A.T. By Joel Luedke April 3, 2024

Want to become a better runner? Tips to step up your performance, prevent injuries

Whether you're new to running or have some experience under your feet, there's a desire to become even a bit better. These tips can set you on the road to becoming the runner you aspire to be.

Leslie Grommersch DPT By Leslie Grommersch March 5, 2024
Kimberly Olsen PT By Kimberly Olsen March 5, 2024
Desiree Essler PT By Desiree Essler March 5, 2024

Isometric exercise: Using body weight to lower blood pressure

Isometric exercise focuses on contracting specific groups of muscles. Learn why it's gaining attention for its role in controlling blood pressure and how to do some exercises at home.

Melinda Hahm By Melinda Hahm January 22, 2024

5 tips for walking your way to better health

All walking takes is you and a good pair of shoes. That's what makes it the most accessible form of exercise. Follow these tips for starting or maintaining a walking routine.

Michelle McDonough, M.D. By Michelle (Mickey) McDonough October 6, 2023

No bones about it: Dogs are good for your health

The unconditional love shown by dogs and their need for regular exercise are a boon for physical and mental health. Learn about the benefits of dog ownership and why they're doggone fun.

May 24, 2023

Need to get moving? Start slowly

If you haven't been active, or are recovering from an illness or injury, you may not feel like lacing up your shoes or going to the gym. But it may be just what you need. Get started with these tips.

Chaun Cox MD By Chaun Cox May 10, 2023

How to strengthen your core

A strong core is required for physical activity, including running. It provides overall strength, endurance and power, and supports good posture and prevents injuries. Develop your core with these exercises.

Denise Grabowski MPT By Denise Grabowski March 15, 2023
Steven Perkins, D.O. By Steven Perkins March 15, 2023

Valentine's Day survival guide

Valentine's Day may sabotage your healthy weight plans. Learn what you can do to navigate this day full of indulgences so you can still enjoy it.

Eileen Dutter, R.D. By Eileen Dutter February 13, 2023

Tips for safe cold-weather training

Training for a spring run starts during the cold winter months. It takes dedication and care. Before you head out, consider these tips to stay safe and warm as you log those miles.

Corey Wencl, L.A.T. By Corey Wencl February 1, 2023

Interval training for heart health

Interval training makes your heart alternate between working hard and recovering. Learn why this style of training has big benefits, and get started with a training plan.

Melinda Hahm By Melinda Hahm January 31, 2023

10 weight training tips for beginners

Weight training isn't just for bodybuilders and athletes — everyone can get the benefits. Get started with these tips to help you build strength, balance and confidence.

Mackenzie Long By Mackenzie Long January 6, 2023